"Christina taught Art to both my children over a four-year span. What I liked the most about her teaching is her ability to create interesting curricula that interweaves the learning of a specific artistic technique with art history.  For instance, while studying collage, the children learned about the life and work of Romare Bearden. She also organized museum visits whenever an exhibition would highlight what the children were studying in school - which brought to life many concepts analyzed in the classroom. Christina was very proactive in suggesting family activities offered my many local institutions (such as the Guggenheim Museum or the Madison Avenue galleries) that would enrich the children from an art appreciation stand point."
- Alessandra Almgren, Mother of Emil and Emma

"Austin has surpassed appreciation with a subject he once dismissed. I know you played a significant role to instill this interest in him. I thank you for your competence, support, encouragement, passion, and caring you have shown Austin the past one and half to two years."
- Stephen Gong, Father of Austin