Wednesday, January 9, 2013

travel the world in a teapot!

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When it is completely silent and my students are painting I have to stop a moment and be grateful. Watching children so immersed and focused on a project is probably the best aspect of being an art teacher! Second best thing is being able to share stories through books. The unseasonably warm weather inspired me to read one of my favorite books, "Rose's Garden", by Peter H. Reynolds.

It is about a girl named Rose who travels around the world in a teapot! She loves to collect seeds to document her travels and has high hopes to plant them. Sadly, a bunch of birds eat the seeds (eek!) which leaves her with only a few left...and it is taking a long time for them to grow! Losing hope that the flowers will never grow and as the seasons pass, the children of Rose's community brighten up her mood and faith by giving her handmade paper flowers! She receives so many as gifts, she creates a garden full of them! There is a very happy ending... you'll just have to get the book to find out! 

**Connecting art projects are LIMITLESS! Here are some ideas I've implemented with kids:

*Create paper flowers using paper & fabric scraps with wire or wooden dowels as stems
*Collage or Painting of your ideal garden
*Drawings of an imaginary way of traveling the world!