Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday gifts to engage all 5 senses!

The holiday season has started and my favorite thing to do while sipping on a to-go cup of peppermint cocoa (or caramel apple cider) is walking around New York City and shopping for gifts for all the little ones in my life. I just had to share some of my “must-haves” to promote creativity and imagination! All gifts appropriate for ages 3 and up.

TOUCH: For Here or To Go Art Set from Land of Nod, $14.95
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 I love tell my students about how when I was a kid my art supplies ended up all over the room when working on a project, although not much as changed! This set from Land of Nod has perfect little compartments for each material so clean up is a snap!

HEAR: Triangle from Land of Nod, $6.95

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Music and Art in one! Talk about shapes and make some tunes at the same time.

SIGHT: Dragons Dragons by Eric Carle, $10.00
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My 3- year old nephew, Simon, is obsessed with dragons lately. He even roars like one on a frequent basis. I just had to get him this book about fantastic creatures! It is a great conversation starter for a drawing activity – make up your own monster! Roar, indeed.

SMELL & TASTE:  Cookie baking set by Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's, $19.99

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Cook up some delicious treats, shape cookie dough, and watch them transform into sweet smelling desserts! Don’t forget to share!