Wednesday, October 10, 2012

see the world in black, white, and grey at the gugg!

Pablo Picasso's 'Head of a Horse, Sketch for Guernica,' from 1937. 'Color weakens,' the artist reportedly once said.
"Head of a Horse" by Pablo Picasso. image via/courtesy of:

So excited to see the Picasso show this weekend. It opened just a few days ago and have been counting down the minutes until I am walking into that stark white rotunda! What fascinates me about this exhibit is the focus on three colors: black, white, & grey.  

One topic you can talk about with your child is the sheer number of pieces (over 100!) that Picasso created with such a limited palette. Another conversation I always like to have with my students is the amount of time it takes to create an artwork.  We're always in a rush, so this is the perfect opportunity to stop, stand still, and observe... more importantly, to wonder about each piece!  I hope you can visit the show before January and perhaps use the DIY scavenger hunt from my last post!

The museum has fantastic programming too. Check out their offerings on Sundays: