Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fab Five

Au Revoir Summer 2012…TODAY is the first day of school for thousands of children in New York City! My art studio is ready, pencils sharpened, blank paper stacked and oodles of art supplies in their perfectly labeled cups.

To keep the art party going at home, here are my Fab Five Art Supplies that are a fun addition to any at-home studio:

  1. Crayola Color Sticks: Colored pencils that don’t roll off tabletops and never need sharpening!
Color Sticks, Set of 12
Crayola Color Sticks! Image courtesy of / via
2.  Crayola Air Dry Clay:  If you don't have access to a kiln to bake clay, here's the next best thing. Its consistency and qualities, especially with a sprinkle of water will make you feel like you just dug it out of the earth yourself! Just note that whatever you create will dry solid after 24 hours.
2½ lb Bucket
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2.Elmer's X-treme Glue Stick: This glue stick is extremely awesome! After testing about 10 different brands of gluesticks (glam life over here!) I am all about these. While creating collage projects, it keeps fabrics, cardboard and all types of textures on surfaces. (*don't worry, I never encourage my students to glue on furniture or walls!)

X-TREME School Glue Stick
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 4. Twisteez : Oh, so fun! Sculptors and aspring jewelry makers will obsess over these easy to manipulate brightly colored wire strands! Mix them up with some of the air dry clay and the sky is the limit.
(P.S. - Wouldn't this be a cool bracelet?)
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5. Watercolor Postcards: Such a perfect size for the little ones. While I believe a child should paint on all types of crazy sizes of paper (massive mural size even!) - to keep things controlled at home, these are a fun way to encourage the old-fashioned art of letter writing while creating an original painting on the other side. Grab a pencil, a cup of water, and watercolor brush (my picks for these next week) and get started!
Watercolor Postcard Pad, 15 Sheet Pad
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Hope everyone is having a great first week back!

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