Wednesday, September 19, 2012

draw with your....scissors?

Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors: Drawing with Scissors
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Book alert! If you’re building an art library for your kids, today’s pick is “Drawing with Scissors” by Jane O’Connor. It is an endearing book about Henri Matisse and his artist journey. Did you know that he started out working at a law firm but ended up drawing on all of the important legal documents? When he became ill and spent a lot of time in bed and a wheelchair he began cutting lots and lots of paper shapes – the beginnings of collages you see in major museums today.  
Want to create collages at home but don’t want little bits of paper all over the place?  (I call them baby scraps!) Here is how I set-up in my classroom with a variety of materials. Everything is visible and just calling to be used! When your child is finished working, everything can go back in the tray, along with the scissors and glue stick. Links below to buy everything you see here:

butcher tray with fadeless paper, cellophane sheets, burlap, corrugated cardboard, and metallic paper
**Art teacher tip: A sure fire way to make clean up super fun? Turn organizing the paper & scraps into a game. Challenge your child to classify by paper type or color family!

p.s. I know I promised my “painting picks” last time, so here’s one of them.  Loads of color, little mess. tempera cakes (get the ones in the palette). Just don’t eat them! 

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