Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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I love to share the story with my students about how my parents dragged (yes, even to the art ones - dragged) me to museums growing up. Every city, every state, every country – we’d be at the entrance the minute they opened. While it took me years to figure out how it would all manifest and resonate, museums are now one of my favorite places to go and teach in! Looking back at the experiences, one of the main reasons why I found them sort of boring is because we'd just walk in circles. We never talked about any of the work!

Part of my job is to give families tips on how to make their museum trips more of a holistic group experience rather than just wandering around aimlessly. Of course I am an advocate of joining family tours given by a docent or educator, but sometimes we all just want to do our own thing, right?

Here's one way to spice up your next museum visit: Turn it into a scavenger hunt and team effort. Through these activities you are giving your child the opportunity to explore, be inquisitive and you're allowing them to form an opinion.

One last thing: Everyone in the family has to play. Depending how large your group is, make teams - try not to be too competitive :)

What you’ll need:

A pre-made list of things you’ll be on the “hunt” for (see below)
Magnifying glass (plastic)
Ziploc bags (to hold all the pencil, magnifier, and other stuff you collect)
Paper, notebook, or notepad
Mini – clipboard

Here are some ideas for your art hunt! Enjoy!

Find an artwork that…

has more than 5 colors.
has more than 5 shapes.
has weirdest title (I would LOVE this one!)
(*make sure you write the titles down)

Act out (silently!) ….

And pretend you are one of the characters in a painting. Or if there is 3d work, act out the gesture of a sculpture. Document with your camera phone! (**check with the museum staff if you are allowed take photos**) If you can’t take a picture, have someone draw you or your child doing this :)


a picture of your favorite piece
a picture of your least favorite piece
a picture of another museum visitor
a picture of the museum building and architecture


a copy of the museum map
your ticket stub
any pamphlets
(*you can turn these into a scrapbook page)


A story of what you think is happening in an art piece
A letter to the artist asking them questions you have about the piece
A thank you note to the museum once you’re done with your hunt!

P.S. If you're in NYC this weekend, you must go to either the DUMBO arts festival in brooklyn or  the Maker Faire in queens.... or BOTH!